Gardening… it’s not for wimps!

… and 29 other reasons why I think everyone should grow their own vegetables!

I have been pathetically and conspicuously absent from this blog for the past several months, so I have decided that I will do one post every day for the next month, each describing a different aspect of vegetable gardening that I love and that I hope will inspire others to get their hands dirty. These will be posted in no particular order or hierarchy of preference; simply at random depending on what inspires me in the garden on that particular day.

So, here we go…

Reason #1: Gardening is excellent for your health and well-being!

Gardening - it's not for wimps.

Gardening – it’s not for wimps.

Tired of doing bicep curls in front of the gym mirror when it’s a gorgeous sunny day outside? Feel like you’ll scream if you have to duck one more time to avoid photo-bombing that gym bunny’s post-workout #selfie? I’ve got a solution for you! It’s called gardening, and it is an incredible workout for your arms, back, shoulders, legs and core, particularly if you forget the leaf-blower and other gas-guzzling tools and use a little elbow grease instead.

Gardening has also been shown to produce a number of other mental and physical health benefits including lowered blood pressure, increased brain activity and lowered stress levels. Raking leaves, pushing a manual lawnmower, turning compost, hauling wheel-barrows of soil, crouching, bending and reaching to pull weeds, lifting bags of peat moss or manure, moving rocks, building raised bed and pruning trees – incorporate some of these into your summer routine and I promise your body and mind will thank you.

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