#3: I’m Siiiinging in the Rain…

Today is Day 3 of 30 days of blog posts about why we love growing our own food.

Reason #3: It make you love (is worship too strong a word?) the rain.

Water is Life, people.

It covers over 70% of the planet and comprises 65% of our body mass. (Yes I looked those stats up just now.) It is the world’s most precious yet most often abused natural resource. It is easy to take for granted that we – urban Canadians – have unlimited access to free-flowing, clean water that is conveniently pumped (in both hot and cold form) into our homes.

Being a gardener heightens your awareness about the importance of the natural rainfall. True, you can usually water your garden with a sprinkler or hose in time of drought, but no gardener will tell you that they prefer tap water over the real deal. For one thing, rain brings your garden precious nitrogen from the sky and is not full of chemicals like chlorine or fluoride. For another, relying as much as possible on rain to water your garden, whether falling directly from the sky or collected in a barrel, is part of what gardening is all about – being connected to the earth.

Gardeners pay attention to the rain. During those hottest weeks of July in Ottawa when the humidex hits 40C, you will see the gardeners nail-biting at the “Chance of Thundershowers” forecasts and scanning the horizon for building cumulonimbus clouds. “Will it, or won’t it?” When colleagues complain of the weekend weather forecast being a wet one, I am secretly doing a mental rain dance (looks something like Elaine from Seinfeld) and thinking “ooh wee, them rain barrels gone be fulled riiiiiight up!”

I love the water. I love gently pushing a canoe through water with a paddle. I love playing in the waves and pretending I can surf. I love it when it transforms into fluff in mid-air and then blankets the earth so I can slide down mountains on it. I even love getting drenched in a downpour on those cycle commutes home from work when I have nothing waterproof to wear.

Once a man doing Tarot on the street asked me to pull a card from a fanned-out deck in his hand. I pulled this one…

The Two of Cups - "The Lord of Love" Image from http://shadesofmidnight.wordpress.com

The Two of Cups – “The Lord of Love”
Image from http://shadesofmidnight.wordpress.com

Must be the Piscean blood?

We could all do to conserve and respect our water a little more, or maybe in some cases a lot more. Food for thought. Water for food.

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