Helpful resources

Here are some links we love to other vegetable gardening, DIY and conscious living resources:

  • Seedy Saturday is a great annual event in Ottawa to buy organic and heirloom seeds from local farms. It takes place in early March each year.
  • Ferme Tourne Sol is an organic co-operative farm located in Les Cedres, QC. We love their tomatoes, beans, peas, klae and romaine lettuce!
  • Greta’s Organic Gardens is an organic farm in Gloucester, ON. We love her beets and spinach.
  • Mel Bartholomew is the guru of Square Foot Gardening – the art of maximizing the output of small growing spaces. We loved his book when we were getting into gardening a few years ago. He has a blog too.
  • – Get your $55 rain barrel and support a local community group!
  • Greywater Action – Learn more about using household greywater.
  • Sustainable Living Ottawa West (SLOWest) GrowSLOW Gardens - Want to become part of the community gardening movement in Ottawa west?
  • Just Food Community Gardening Network of Ottawa – There are community gardening projects all across the city! Find out more here.
  • Urban Harvest – Ontario organic and heirloom seeds.
  • Bryson Farms – Local Gatineau/Ottawa farm network producing organic veg and seeds, particularly heirloom seedling fingerling potatoes!