#4: The Pattern of All Patience…

… so my dad and Will Shakespeare would say.

Gardening takes time. It teaches patience and acceptance that oftentimes things don’t work out quite as you had planned. “Why is my spinach crop so mediocre?! Aaaargh!” And then there’s all the waiting and waiting for those slow growers, like pumpkins, that take several months from seed to harvest.

Tonight, I was determined to write a blog post about my delicious garlic scape hummus. But my daughter is running a fever, so that idea has been kiboshed.

Guess it’s just going to have to wait til tomorrow. For now, I will sign off Day 4 of 30 by saying that the #4 Reason I love growing my own food is that it has taught me that yes, I can wait.

P.S. I wonder what my 23-year old self would do if I told her that in ten years from now, she would be blogging about hummus on a Friday night. Probably would have skipped the hummus on my 2am shawarma from then on.